McDonald’s Japan Already Selling 2020 Olympic Mugs

McDonald’s is already getting its cups in a row for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

The Rio Olympics are still underway, but McDonald's Japan is already getting ready for 2020 with a set of collectible Tokyo Olympics mug.

The 2016 Olympics in Rio are not even over yet, but McDonald’s is already getting ready for 2020, and McDonald’s customers in Japan can already buy souvenir mugs from the Tokyo Olympics.

McDonald’s is a worldwide sponsor of the Olympics, and four years is not that long of a time, so it makes sense that they’re already getting their promotional materials ready to go. According to Rocket News 24, McDonald’s Japan has already released a set of collectible “Victory Tumblers” to celebrate the Olympics, but the 2020 Olympics that will be held in Tokyo, not the Rio Olympics that are still underway.

As of August 17, McDonald’s Japan is selling three different collectible mug designs themed for the 2020 Olympics. The “City” mug is covered with pictures of famous Tokyo landmarks. The “Checkerboard” mug is just a big checkerboard with the Olympic and McDonald’s logos on it, and the “Sakura” mug is covered in pretty pink cherry blossoms.


The mugs are sold individually for about $4.85 or as part of a value meal, and they’re only available for August. Olympic memorabilia is big business and these are virtually guaranteed to sell out quickly.