The lack of easy access to coffee is just one of many problems athletes will face over the next couple of weeks.

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No Coffee in the Olympic Village: Just One of Rio’s Many Problems

An NPR interview has discovered that there is no coffee available for athletes in the Olympic Village in Rio

The Rio Olympic Village has come under fire recently for not being up to par. The Australian athletes initially refused to stay there until their accommodations were deemed inhabitable.  Besides plumbing, electrical issues, and overall cleanliness, there’s a new hurdle all athletes will have to clear (not just the track and field stars): no access to coffee.

A recent NPR interview with Olympians from around the world has uncovered that coffee is not readily available to athletes in the Village.

"I have some complaints about coffee,” Egyptian archer Ahmed El-Nemir said in the interview.

Instead, the athletes are limited to Coca-Cola products and bottled water.

There are some coffee shops in the surrounding city, but those are about 20 minutes away by car, according to Google Maps.

Hopefully the athletes have packed some instant coffee or Keurig machines because it’s probably pretty important to be alert when you’re going for the gold. 

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