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101 ways to cook chicken

101 Ways to Cook Chicken

From breasts and thighs to legs and wings, chicken is one of the most popular and versatile ingredients available. The inexpensive protein is a dinner, lunch, and snack time favorite that is eaten in different recipes across many cultures. Plus, it can be a healthy meal option, as well. With respect for cooks everywhere searching for easy-weeknight meals and simply for the love of chicken, The Daily Meal has compiled a list of 101 chicken recipes for your cooking (and feasting) pleasure. For more, click here.


Avoid Buying These 10 Things at Costco

Costco is one of those places where we just believe that we’re getting a bargain, so while shopping there we tend to go a little bit more overboard than we would otherwise. There’s actually a name for being seduced into making impulse buys by the prospect of getting a deal, and either regretting the purchase or being forced to throw it out when it expires: The Costco Effect. It’s all a part of Costco’s strategy, and it ends up costing you more money than you originally set out to spend. So be a bit more judicious the next time you head over to Costco, and realize that just because it’s sold there doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily a good deal. Read on for 10 items that you’d be better off buying elsewhere.


The Complete Grilling and Barbecuing Guide for Your Summer Parties


Do you really know the difference between grilling and barbecuing? Is your gilling repertoire limited to burgers and hot dogs? Have you ever made dessert on the grill? Here we have gathered together our best practical grilling tips to help you grill safely and successfully, have explained the basic rules of these cooking techniques, and selected our all-time favorite grilled and barbecued recipes. For more, click here.