'90s Breakfasts Gone Vegan Slideshow

Cinnamon Buns with Frosting

Remember popping open that tube of cinnamon buns, frosting included? In less than 30 minutes you would have warm, gooey, amazing treats on your plate. As always, just be sure to snag that tub of frosting before your sibling gets to it! Try orange rolls, too, as these dreamy vegan buns have a citrus accent!

Make Vegan Cinnamon Orange Rolls with Frosting.

Very Lucky Charms Cereal

If you were a Lucky Charms sort of kid, this vegan recipe will blow your mind. Pink hearts, blue diamonds, green clovers, and more speckle this gluten-free cereal — complete with pastel green non-dairy milk to pour on top!

Make Vegan Lucky Charms Vegan Cereal, recipe on Fork and Beans.

Mini Frosted Donuts

Wait.. donuts for breakfast? In the '90s, this was not only totally approved, but encouraged! Those mini packs of either powdered or chocolate frosted donuts were popular with school kids — kids with frosty donut mouths were practically everywhere. While donuts might not be the healthiest breakfast choice for mature, nutrition-minded adults, these vegan donuts are more guilt-free than you might guess!

Make Vegan Mini Frosted Sprinkled Donuts, Recipe on Fork and Beans.