9 Most Inspiring Travel Movies

What to watch (and snack on) if you’re feeling the travel bug

Sometimes viewers walk into a movie expecting one thing and get another, like the desperate urge to travel after seeing a movie about, say, a woman in a coma in Hawaii or a documentary about music in Cuba. The real underlying messages of these movies aren’t lost on us, but sometimes the landscapes are too inviting, the characters’ favorite watering holes too enticing, and the dramas too easily replaced by wanderlust.

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The most important part about films that leave you itching for a boarding pass is that, as films, they need not be Oscar winners or classics (though it obviously helps when they are). Case in point, The Hangover Part II made us want to go to Thailand. And even Anne Hathaway’s less-than-stellar English accent in One Day couldn’t deter us from looking up flights to the many fantastically charming locations, from Scotland to Brittany, France, in the film. 

And for all of us that travel for food, there is no better way to drive the point home than by rustling up snacks inspired by these films and the places they so gloriously present. Why not screen Midnight in Paris with a couple of Hemingway-inspired cocktails and a buckwheat crepe? The best dinner pairing for Audrey Hepburn’s Roman Holiday is surely a heaping plate of spaghetti alla carbonara followed by a boozy gelato. And when revisiting the particularly wanderlust-y Lost in Translation, the choice is clear — whisky, “Japanese Courage,” and vegetable tempura.

Last year’s list of movies that inspire wanderlust took us from Cairo to the South of France, but we dug deeper into a new crop of films to make sure that 2012 is just as filled with restless travelers.