9 Most Inspiring Travel Movies Slideshow

The Descendants

The Descendants was one of our favorite films of the year for a number of reasons, not least of which was how it showcased the beautiful landscapes, beaches, and mountains of Hawaii.

What to serve? Pineapple upside-down cake washed down with this My Oh My Ty cocktail.

The Hangover Part II

This film might not have been an Oscar contender, but The Hangover Part II was a successful sequel in at least one way: wanderlust. The Hangover made us want to throw some clothes into a carry-on and head to Vegas, and the second installment was no different in making us want to get to Thailand.

What to serve? It may not be Thai, but the boys from The Hangover would approve of this Bacon, Vodka, and Tomato Cocktail. Serve it with green papaya pad Thai.

Midnight in Paris

Owen Wilson's character in Midnight in Paris was created, it seems, for the sole purpose of inspiring wanderlust as he strolls down the cobblestone streets of Paris, ducking into romantic old cafs and bars that, while historic and cultural, still exist. Say no more, Paris here we come.

What to serve? Get inspired by Hemingway and serve this Death in the Gulfstream cocktail along with these buckwheat crepes with peach and raspberry compote.

Lost in Translation

An instant classic, Lost in Translation takes us into more than a handful of colorful Tokyo scenes, from the iconic karaoke adventure to subdued drinks in the hotel lobby and beyond.

What to serve? Of course, serving whiskey is the obvious (and highly recommended) choice, but why not go one step further with this Japanese Courage cocktail instead? Snack on tempura vegetables, too.

Roman Holiday

Watching Audrey Hepburn flutter around Rome on the back of Gregory Peck's Vespa never gets old. The princess, finally on her own (temporarily), indulges in plates of pasta and dripping cones of gelato, making us all but book a flight.

What to serve? Take cues from the film and make this spaghetti alla carbonara, followed by this bourbon gelato an adult version of her sweet treat.

The Kids Are All Right

It might be about two kids being raised by lesbian mothers who decide to find out who their father is, but it's also something of an ode to Los Angeles and Californian cuisine. The first time we're introduced to Mark Ruffalo in the film, he's carrying fresh vegetables into his restaurant, and from there it's all sunny LA days and gorgeous laid-back scenes (some drama ensues, too, but).

What to serve? Fish tacos are intrinsically LA, and theyre best served with a blood orange, ginger beer, and tequila cocktail.

Buena Vista Social Club

This long-loved documentary about the rich, hidden world of Cuban music is filled with romantic scenes of Havana's winding streets and fascinating characters. Buena Vista Social Club shows Cuba as it is, with cars from the 1950s and crumbling architecture, and it makes us hope for the (coming) days of uncomplicated travel to Cuba.

What to serve? Sip on an original daiquiri, and serve it with arroz con pollo.

Whale Rider

We know, you'd forgotten all about Whale Rider. This movie, from 2002, is about a young, ambitious Maori girl in New Zealand (specifically in Whangara on the North Island) and both the story and the incredible scenery have made us want to jet to the other side of the world ever since.

What to serve? One of the most iconic dishes in New Zealand is a pavlova.

One Day

Anne Hathaway may be faking her British accent in One Day (and the dramas that ensue between her and Jim Sturgess will make tears well up in your eyes), but their romance spans two decades and a handful of beautiful settings from Scotland to Paris to London to Dinard, in Brittany.

What to serve? Represent the U.K. with fish and chips alongside this mulled cider with Calvados inspired by Brittany.