10 Movies That Inspire Wanderlust... With Snack Pairings

It is not hard for me to feel the familiar pangs of wanderlust. Five minutes into Eat, Pray, Love and I was practically booking a year abroad from my iPhone in the theatre. Anything from an entire film set in a country I love to a brief flashback to a foreign city can set me off, but there are some movies that can give even the most stubborn passport-phobe the travel bug.

No living, breathing human can watch Mamma Mia (tip: try watching on mute) and not yearn to be on an island in Greece. Few have ever watched Before Sunrise and thought, "meh — I guess Vienna's all right." Even Up in the Air turned business travel into pleasure travel, letting all work-aholics rejoice in Platinum airline cards.

Movies like these can inspire you to travel to a new country, try a new cuisine, or even just see your favorite city in a new light. Next time you and your fellow travelers feel like you've been sitting still for too long, try screening one of these ten films — complete with food pairings.

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