8 Ingenious Ways to Use a Cookie Cutter

They aren’t just for sugar cookies any more

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Cookie Cutter Crafts

Sure, making cookies with cookie cutters amps up the fun on your baking days. But did you know that there are tons of creative and fun ways to use them both in the kitchen and in the playroom? Suddenly your dinosaur cookie cutter can become your kid’s favorite action figure, or a great stencil for class. And don’t think that you can’t use them around the house: cookie cutters can become chic napkin rings and can make your pies really pop!

These nifty little baking tools can totally make for some fun DIY crafts and unique decor options around the house. Just take a look at these really cute ideas.

1. Cut fruit into unique shapes.

cookie cutter


2. Make sandwiches more fun.

cookie cutter


3. Give them to your kids as stencils for art projects.

cookie cutter


4. Use them as holiday décor.

cookie cutter


5.  Use for storage.

cookie cutter


6. Try making fun Jell-O molds with them.

cookie cutter


7. Forget the lattice design. Use cookie cutters to decorate a pie.

cookie cutter

(Flickr/Dan Hatton)

8. Make them into great jewelry for little kids or yourself.


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