10 Coolest Cookie Cutter Sets

Forget Frosty the Snowman and Santa cutouts — these are way cooler!

Zombies are just the beginning of the coolest cookie cutter set we found

Cookies are one of the best things about the holiday season (eggnog with bourbon is a close second). And cookie exchanges are the some of the best events during the holiday season. Make one type of cookie and get tons of different ones back? We're sold. When else do you get the opportunity to eat as many cookies as you want with impunity, all in the name of "just tasting" someone else’s creations? Never. That’s when.

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But a variety of recipes isn’t all a cookie exchange is about. It is about creativity — creating and decorating something that will steal the show. You could go with boring old Christmas trees and gingerbread men shapes, sure. Or, you could kick it up several notches with some awesome and creative themed cutters! Seriously, let’s separate your cookies from the pack of Pinterest fails and boring shapes with some inventive and hilarious cookie cutters you need to add to your collection, like now.


Gingerbread houses and men aside, why not mix it up with some 3-D dinosaurs or gingerbread ninjas? Compose an ode to your favorite dog breed with personalized doggie cutters! Or you could holiday-ify your favorite sigil from Game of Thrones, because after all, winter is coming. To see all off the hilarious cookie cutters we found, check out the accompanying slideshow to get inspired! Happy baking!