Cup of coffee
WIkimedia/Julius Schorzman

Coffee-Seeking Grandma Leads Police on Very Slow Car Chase

The 81-year-old woman refused to stop for police until she got her coffee
Cup of coffee
WIkimedia/Julius Schorzman

An 81-year-old grandmother led police on a very slow car chase because she wanted a cup of coffee. 

An 81-year-old Texas woman recently led her local police on a very slow car chase after they tried to pull her over, and she refused to stop until she got a cup of coffee.


According to WFAA, Nancy Strader says she was in her car and on her way to get a cup of coffee and a sandwich from a local shop when police officers tried to pull her over. They say they’d received several calls that her 2015 Jeep had been spotted driving around in circles and even driven the wrong way down a one-way street. She stopped when they first pulled her over, but would not roll down her window or get out of her car, and finally she decided that they were going to try to keep her from her coffee, so she just drove off.


Body camera footage shows the officers trying to talk to her through the door.


“Don’t do it! Don’t! Stop! Don’t drive off!” one of the officers shouts as the car very slowly pulls away from him.


It was a pretty surprising car chase, but not the weirdest on record. A Brooklyn man driving a street sweeper once took police on a slow-speed chase because he wanted some candy. Another man once drove a Zamboni to a Tim Horton's to get a cup of coffee, but the Zamboni fit through the drive-thru, so everybody was OK with that.


With the police on her tail, Strader continued her search for coffee, and she never went more than 25 miles per hour. The police followed with their lights on, trying to get her to pull back over. After about 10 minutes she decided to stop, and that time the police slashed her tires so she couldn’t drive away again. She was arrested and charged with evading arrest, but she was sent home after about 14 hours when her son paid her bond.


"I just was out riding around. I thought I'm going to go have me some coffee or a sandwich or something because I hadn't eaten all day. But I never got it," she said later.


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