Drunk Man in Street Sweeper Leads Police on Very Slow Car Chase

Police chased a street sweeper driver at 35 m.p.h.
Wikimedia/Graham Richardson

A Brooklyn man in a street sweeper allegedly took police on a very slow, alcohol-fueled car chase.

Alcohol and candy lead people to do some odd things, and this week police in Brooklyn arrested a drunk driver who wanted sweets so badly he took off in a street sweeper and took police on a very slow car chase.

According to Gawker, 48-year-old Jerry Mitchell was using his street sweeper to clean the parking lot at the Gateway Center Mall in Brooklyn when he allegedly had a hankering for some candy and drove the sweeper “around the corner” to get some. But at some point in his journey he got turned around and reportedly took the sweeper for a 20-mile ride. Other drivers spotted him driving “erratically” and called 911, but when police tried to pull him over, Mitchell just kept driving.

A police officer told the New York Post: “He refused to pull over for almost 2 miles. I guess you could say it was a slow-speed chase. He was going about 35 miles per hour.”

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When Mitchell eventually pulled over, police allegedly discovered Mitchell was driving without a license and had a blood alcohol level of twice the legal limit. He told police he was just out shopping for candy and had gotten lost along the way.