1. Because Everything Old is New Again from 8 Reasons Why We Love Soda Fountains

8 Reasons Why We Love Soda Fountains

Wikimedia/ Library of Congress

1. Because Everything Old is New Again

Just look at how old these soda fountains are: this one in Seattle, the soda fountain at Stewart & Holmes Drug Co., was photographed in 1900.

Wikimedia/ Library of Congress

2. Because Soda Jerks Were Awesome

Soda jerks — need we say more? Back in the day, they were the bartenders of the soda fountain era (and were paid a respectable $40 per week).

Flickr/ Robopy

3. Because Soda Jerks Are Still Awesome

And yes, soda jerks are still around today, like these guys at Franklin Fountain in Philadelphia.

Flickr/ valvados

6. Because Floats Are The New Ice Cream Soda

Don’t know what an ice cream soda is? If you love root beer floats, you will definitely be on board with the original. In 1874, Robert Green reportedly invented the first ice cream soda, originally made with vanilla ice cream, club soda, and flavored syrups. Add cola, and you’ve got a float.

Malts and Milkshakes

8. Because Again, Milkshakes Are The Best

Want to make soda shop-good milkshakes at home? There are plenty to make. Try the watermelon lime milkshake, or a Rice Krispies Square milkshake — amazing.

Flickr/ zeitser

7. Because Soda Fountains Are Everywhere

Wherever you live, you stand a good chance of finding a classic soda or shake at retrofitted soda shops and fountains in your area. Some of the best ones out there? The Franklin Fountain in Philadelphia, Fair Oaks Pharmacy in Los Angeles, the Ice Cream Bar in San Francisco, and Hillside Farmacy in Austin, Texas. 

Flickr/ bcymet

4. Because We Love Milkshakes

Milkshakes, milkshakes, milkshakes. If you aren’t already slurping (and mixing) delectable milkshakes and malts this summer, you are missing out.

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