8 Party-Perfect Peanut Butter and Jelly Ideas Slideshow


Talk about drool-worthy — this pairing would make one hell of a s’mores sandwich. 


A simple add-on to your brunch or breakfast date, this dish is great for a Mother’s Day breakfast in bed. 


The French classic gets a makeover from the King himself.

PB&J Cups

Make your own chocolate candy creation — like Reese’s, only better.  

Sandwich Spirals

Spirals: We love this idea for kids’ parties. It’s easy to make and totally finger-friendly, just make sure to check with other parents that their kids aren't allergic to the nut butter.  


For the sweet tooths at your brunch, bake oats with the smooth stuff and offer up jelly as a topping at your toppings bar.


Yes, popcorn! How awesome is this? Serve with a stack of napkins. You know, just in case.