8 More Amazing Margarita Recipes Slideshow

Stir and Strain: The Margarita

Elana Lepkowski, the master mixologist of the blog Stir and Strain, takes the traditional margarita recipe and updates it slightly with Curacao, a Vida Mezcal rinse, and smoked sea salt.

Stir and Strain: El Jardín de mi Abuela Margarita

Lepkowski is back again, this time with an "inverted" cocktail — and it's one updated margarita worth the extra time and steps. With hibiscus-infused tequila, a homemade Ferrand Dry Orange Curacao Syrup, a homemade limeade, vanilla salt, and a touch of bitters, this may be the fanciest margarita you'll ever make.

Cupcakes and Cutlery: Spiced Clementine Margarita with Izze Soda

Didn't think Izzes and clementines could go in your margarita? Sharon Garofalow shows us how to do it.

Bake It With Booze: Strawberry Margarita Cupcakes

Well, you need something in your stomach after all the margs, right? Keep the party going with this recipe for strawberry margarita cupcakes, from the bloggers at Bake It with Booze.

Fun Behind Bars: Mango and Blood Orange Margarita

Dy Godsey from the blog Fun Behind Bars looks at what makes a classic cocktail, like the margarita, and gives the drink a new spin. The result? A mango and blood orange margarita with rose petal syrup.

More Than Burnt Toast: Watermelon Margaritas

In addition to a Mexican fiesta, Tina Butler from More Than Burnt Toast shows us how to make any night more festive with a traditional frozen watermelon marg.

Mommy's Kitchen: Tequila-Soaked Watermelon Wedges

Want a recipe more straight-forward than a margarita? Just add tequila to watermelon, and you have the basics of a watermelon margarita without even trying.

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