7 Halloween Décor Ideas for Lazy People

If decorating isn't your thing but you want to look for a festive way to celebrate Halloween check out these ideas

Easy Halloween décor

Ugh. Decorating is so hard. You have to be, like, creative and artistic; it isn't a task that everyone can master. In truth, it isn't a task everyone even wants to master.

People dig the idea of holiday décor, but they don't necessarily want to implement it. And hey, that's ok. One can admire art without being a fine painter oneself, right? Lucky for the lazy decorator, Halloween is the perfect time to get away with simple decorations that really make a statement. If you want to wow guests with minimal effort, there are plenty of simple Halloween décor ideas that will totally pop without taking up a ton of time or effort. For the lazy decorator, we recommend trying out these easy ideas for simple, but spooky, décor.

Spider's Den

Want the house to look really eerie? Cover it in faux spider webs. If you're feeling particularly productive, you could randomly place those plastic spider rings throughout your webs for an extra creepy look.


Put them on the table, on your steps, and even around your kitchen. Get gourds in all sizes, out them anywhere and boom, insta-Halloween décor. If you want to kick it up a notch, draw faces on them for a jack-o-lantern look without the carving.


Candy Corn

Put it everywhere. Seriously, if pests aren't a problem, literally scatter them in vases and bowls. Boom. Decorated.



Head to a local market and buy dried maze. Bunch it, hang it, or throw it on a table. This gets extra bonus lazy points since you could technically keep it up until Thanksgiving.

Wine Bottles

Not only do you get to knock back a few bottles of wine, you can get an easy décor idea out of it. Simple peel off the label and re-sticker it with a blank label. Write things like "eye of newt" and you'll have instant potion bottles!

Bloody Mess

Corn starch, red food coloring, and your handprints can make for some seriously scary décor. Simply buy thrift store paintings and smear them with your "blood."

Eerie Family Photos

Subtle yet creepy, many old thrift stores have tons of old family photos for sale. Find the creepiest ones and simply frame them and put them around the house.