7 Drinking Games You've Never Heard Of

Everyone's favorite party is coming up — the Super Bowl watch party — and there's one thing that should definitely be on your party to-do list: games. Because when the team you're rooting against shoots up 14 points, or the commercials you're watching are boring you in 30-second intervals, or you're wanting to avoid Beyoncé's halftime show (wait, that would never happen), you need a little entertainment. 

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So might we interest you in some drinking games you've never heard of? That's right: the drinking games you've never heard of. Because Beer Pong and Flip Cup might as well be amateur hour these days. Fortunately, we know a few college bros that keep us hip and young, who have thrown out the rule book with a few new drinking games. (And if all else fails, we'll watch them chase each other around campus in gorilla and banana suits because, well, we can.)

The best part about these games? If you have the supplies for Quarters and Beer Pong, you're basically set. Slap Cup is clearly the new Flip Cup (and way more fun to slap someone's beer off the table), and Chandeliers is the new Quarters (with fewer body parts in harm's way). If you love Jenga, you'll get a kick out of Sinking Ship, or Jenga in liquid form. These games may not be as dangerous as Danger Can (we don't endorse smashing beer cans on your head, no matter how fun it may sound), and we can't promise you that Zooey Deschanel will show up (we hear she loves True American). But with a few new twists on the classic drinking games, you'll be the life of the party — and forever remembered for your contribution to the Super Bowl fiesta.