Watch a Bro Dressed as a Gorilla Chase a Bro Dressed as a Banana

Just because it's after a 3-day weekend, and we discovered Beyoncé lip-synched

We're settling into our mid-afternoon lull here, which basically means finding the best food-related viral videos out there, and while we sometimes find some cool invisible driver prank, this one is just ridiculous.

It seems like a frat at a certain Trinity College had their pledges dress up as a gorilla and a banana, and then had the pledge dressed as a gorilla chase around the guy in the banana suit. Stupid, yes. Ridiculous, yes, but still completely amazing. Gorilla pledge even goes to the local café to buy a real banana, as banana pledge hides out in a tree, behind a trash can, and eventually gets tackled (oops, sorry, we spoiled the ending).

Watch for a good five minutes of amusement, and notice how nobody seems to cares that there is a gorilla chasing a banana around their library. Oh, college. (Fair warning: the sound track to this video is Black Eyed Peas. Mute if you find that offensive).

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