6 Terrible Attempts at Fake IDs

"Wait... you changed your name to... McLovin?"

What were these people thinking when they tried to use these fake IDs?

There will have been a time when you attempted to buy alcohol with a fake ID. When you did, we hope you were smart and didn't make the same mistakes these guys made.


McLovin here, a 25-year-old , 6’10 Hawaiian organ donor.

Photo Credit: Flickr/youngthousands


Don’t try to pretend you’re a celebrity. I see you and it’s obvious you aren’t. See ya, Sandy Patterson.

Photo Credit: http://villains.wikia.com/


There’s not even a last name on there. Beyoncé is the only person on the planet who can get away with only one name. Get outta here, you.

Photo Credit: http://staffingtalk.com/how-not-to-make-fake-id


What, did you decide to write off your social security number? That’s not a thing you can do. NEXT.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Michael Hollande


I don’t care if you’re attached at the hip. Neither you nor your girlfriend can come in here.

Photo Credit: http://staffingtalk.com/how-not-to-make-fake-id


Go, just go.


Well, you gave it your best, and it wasn’t very good. Better luck next time, kid.


Photo Credit: http://nyulocal.com/