6 Reasons Starbucks is Better Than Dunkin’

No hard feelings, Dunkin’… we just love Starbucks more

Starbucks can’t be beat.

#1 Starbucks is everywhere, on practically every street corner it would seem, and in nearly every country. There are way more Starbucks than Dunkin’ Donuts locations: 23,305 Starbucks in 63 countries and around 11,000 Dunkin’ Donuts in 33 countries.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Sabrina & Brad


#2 Dunkin' Donuts' chicken apple sausage breakfast sandwich doesn’t stand a chance next to Strarbucks’ slow-roasted ham and Swiss breakfast sandwich. Dunkin’s English muffin is undercooked and between it, an unknown slice of orange cheese sits barely melted; while Starbucks’ ham sandwich is prepared on a flaky and buttery croissant roll graced with a rich slice of melted Swiss cheese.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Jeremy Keith


#3 Starbucks’ green tea lattes, iced or hot, just can’t be beat, or replicated. Dunkin’ hasn’t caught on.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Dee F.


#4 They keep pumpkin bread around even in the summer, but Dunkin’s pumpkin treats are only available in the fall.

Photo Credit: Flickr/The Wisest Wizards


#5 The secret menu at Dunkin’ Donuts is nonexistent. Starbuck’s secret menu is worth the wait.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Debs (ò‿ó)♪


#6 You can pretend to be someone else, giving any name in the world as yours. The proof is there on the cup.

Photo Credit: Instagram/emilyrecipes


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