6 Pumpkin Beers You Must Try This Fall

Pumpking: Southern Tier Brewing Company

Drink up this liquid, alcoholic version of pumpkin pie, complete with the flavors of clove, allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, and even pie crust.

Dogfish Head Punkin’ Ale

Try this balanced, brown ale with hints of brown sugar and the real pumpkin flesh it's made with. The name comes from a southern Delaware competition called "Punkin' Chunkin'" that involves catapulting the gourds, according to the Dogfish Head website.

Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale

This pick is great for drinkers craving those autumn spices without too much sweetness. Enjoy the tastes of nutmeg and cinnamon without being overwhelmed with a syrup taste.

Schlafly Pumpkin Ale

Rich and malty, this is another yummy brew inspired by the creamy, spicy taste of pumpkin pie. It's made with real pumpkin and butternut squash.

Elysian The Great Pumpkin

What Charlie Brown and friends would drink if they ever came of age, this ale honors the Great Pumpkin by putting pumpkin flavor front and center. A strong drink that goes lighter on the spices.

Brooklyn Brewery Post Road Pumpkin Ale

Inspired by pumpkin beer made in colonial times, this ale invokes pumpkin and spices, as well as a stronger taste of hops compared with most other pumpkin ales.