6 Gluten-Free Restaurants in America

Are these some of the best gluten-free restaurants in the States

The Daily Meal looks at six gluten-free restaurants around the States.

Gluten free. These are two words that are popping up on menus all across the States as more and more travelers are popping seeking gluten-free dietary options. Traveling with food restrictions and allergies may have once seemed very daunting, but gradually restaurants and venues have incorporated gluten-free dishes or made it so that there isn’t a speck of gluten in their whole establishment.

So if you’re a hungry traveler with a gluten intolerance, perhaps you know of the best places around the country to eat when outand about exploring what lies in our own backyard. Are these America’s best gluten-free restaurants?

Real Food Daily is known as one of the only restaurants with a 100 percent vegetarian menu that uses all organically grown produce.The menu at Real Food Daily labels each item that is gluten-free, wheat-free, or yeast-free.

Risotteria, New York City

Risoterria in New York coins itself as being gluten-free heaven and the place to be for people with celiac disease. Like pizza? It claims to be the only venue in the tri-state area that makes authentic Neapolitian pizza in thin and thick crusted versions, that's alsogluten-free.

Senza, Chicago

This super chic, fine dining restaurant in Chicago turns into the gluten-free Wheat’s End Café by day. Have no fear, the regular menu doesn’t have any signs or traces of gluten, either.

EVO Kitchen, West Hollywood

EVO considers itself the place where gluten grubbin’ and the gluten-free can dine together. And yes, gluten-free beers are on the menu.

S’Mac, New York City


If there is anything that is going to lure you to S’Mac, it should be the temptation of gluten-free mac and cheese.

Austin Grill

Love Tex Mex? This Washington D.C. eatery is the TexMex haven for gluten-free versions of your favorite foods.