Best Gluten-Free Vacations

The options are increasing for those who want to travel gluten-free

Royal Caribbean now offers completely gluten-free and lactose-free options.

Although Celiac Awareness Month (May) is almost over, there is still time to celebrate living a full and fulfilling gluten-free life with a trip to a gluten-free dining destination. However, traveling isn’t always easy when you have a food allergy or dietary restriction. Calling up each hotel, restaurant, and food vendor to discuss options can seem like an incredibly daunting task.

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While traveling, it may be best to plan ahead and go to a resort or destination that can accommodate gluten-free diners, taking the guess work out of where to go and what to eat. Cruising has become a great way for travelers to leave their gluten-free worries behind once they board the ship, because guests can request the special gluten-free menu ahead of time. Throughout the entire adventure, the waitstaff will be able to provide cruisers with the best, tastiest options available to them. Royal Caribbean recently revamped its gluten-free program with a host of new dishes created by a nutritionist to also make them heart-healthy and waistline-friendly.

Another option is to plan a trip to a boutique hotel that is known for catering to gluten-free diners. Hotels like the Acanto Hotel in Playa del Carmen, Mexico as well as the Westin in Aruba have a variety of options to serve to guests, along with helpful and knowledgeable restaurant staff that can explain all of the menu options.

In New York City, Classic Harbor Line Boat Tours offer gluten-free buffets along with their many different cruise options, including the AIA Architecture Tour, Wine Tastings, and a Morimoto Sunset Sushi dinner cruise.


Finally, for an overall gluten-free destination, Sin City has become a beacon of light. Not only have major casino hotels like the Bellagio and the Wynn and Encore become gluten-free-friendly, there are a plethora of other restaurants and dining destinations along the Strip that now offer the same.