9 Fictional Characters You Would Not Mind Eating

Admit it, the idea of a beer-battered Ursula is appealing to you...

Sink your teeth into these delicious fictional characters.

One of the many joys in growing up during the last few decades is the access we’ve had to kid-friendly entertainment. We’ve all spent at least one Saturday in our pajamas, eating multiple bowls of cereal while we watched cartoons for hours. Classic stories like The Three Little Pigs were brought to life through captivating animation, and a parade of Disney characters have stolen our hearts.

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Some of the antics cartoons get into are as iconic and timeless as any regularly programmed TV show. Who will ever forget Bugs Bunny’s signature phrase “What’s up, Doc?” or the dozens of times the poor Wile E. Coyote had yet another anvil dropped on his little head? Most of the time, you find these quips entertaining but were unable to relate to them. Then there is that one skit that occurs in almost every type of animation, the one where the character’s eyes become big as saucers and suddenly, the other cartoon character they were staring at morphs into a tasty meal. Sylvester felt the same way about Tweety Bird as Elmer Fudd did about Daffy Duck: those cartoons looked like lunch! Now that is a feeling we can easily relate to.

Admit it, in those mindless hours of watching cartoons you've probably thought about just ridding that fictional world of their evil players. Really, wouldn't Ursula have made a better calamari dish than an evil octopus? And what if you could have won Super Mario Bros. by simply turning Bowser into turtle soup?

In an attempt to rid the world of useless villains, we created a list of some of the more evil characters that would happen to better serve society as an entrée. While all of them aren’t the worst fictional characters around, they are guilty of some sort of shenanigans. We rounded up some of the characters we’d love to take a bite out of if they were real and we could do that sort of thing while remaining socially acceptable.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Instead of terrorizing New York and forcing the Ghostbusters to take him down, why couldn’t we all have eaten him? Think all of all of Fluffernutter sandwiches we could have enjoyed!

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The Big Bad Wolf

Don't you just hate a bully? The Big Bad Wolf is no stranger to making people feel awful and while we aren't sure he would taste very good, we wouldn't feel too guilty if he weren't around.

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