52 Wines for 2013 (Plus Holiday Picks)

The ultimate 'bucket list' of wines for the year
52 Wines for The Year Preview
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52 wine recommendations for the new year.

Every week we give you countless recommendations for what wines to look for in the store: we've picked the best red blends, the best chardonnays, the best rieslings... we could go on and on. Not only that, but we break it down to make buying wine easy for special occassions, the holidays, or different seasons, not to mention our selections to make it easy on the wallet. But what if we could give you the ultimate wine list of 2013 — every wine you'll ever want to drink in 2013? 

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We went to our best sources — our collection of wine writers, winemakers, and sommeliers — to hear what they want to be drinking in 2013. We asked them to think of the best offerings for each season, and each holiday, and the result? The "bucket list" of wines from people who do this for a living. 

In the traditional sense, these wine recommendations generally stick to what you already know to be drinking each season: lots of bubbly for the holidays (a given) turns into bolder red varietals to pair with the comfort foods of winter. (Ports were also a notable recommendation from several of our sources, as they're perfect for drinking by the fire.) Then, the recommendations slowly transition into softer reds with lots of fruity notes, and eventually, into white wines as the season turns to spring. At that time we get into chardonnays, sauvignon blancs, rosés, and grüner veltliners, which have all the tastes of spring we hope for: bright citrus, minerality, and lots of fruit. As the season changes to summer, the wines change, too: bright rosés, tropical chardonnays (really), strawberry and peach-tinged pinot grigio. You can't get enough of a light, refreshing wine for summer. 

But because summer has to come to an end sometime, the wines transition back toward the red end of the spectrum. Whites still reign at the beginning of an Indian summer (we can only presume), but rosés turn into fuller rosés, like a lambrusco. The fruit notes change from tropical and light to the season's best offerings: cassis, rhubarb, pear, and light florals. Pinot noirs tend to reign above all in the fall, but lambruscos, côte wines, and pinot meunier get everyone excited for a change of season. And then, back into the fuller reds, ports, and sparkling wines to wave off 2013 (another year already?!). 

We're truly excited to be working with some of the country's best wine experts to set the trend of what to be drinking in 2013. So polish off the wine glasses, make sure your corkscrew is good to go, and get excited for a full year of better wine. Sure, the grand total of all the wines — $2,718 — may be more than our paycheck, but we can dream. 

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Editorial note: Prices were provided by the sources, and may vary.