Best Bubbly for New Year’s Eve Celebrations

Look for these champagnes and sparkling wines for your NYE

Let's toast to the best champagnes and sparkling wines for New Year's Eve!

Champagne and sparkling wines can range from light to full-bodied and run the gamut from sweet to bone-dry. The festive bubbles and food-friendly acidity make pairing sparkling wines a snap.

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Champagne refers specifically to sparkling wine made in the region of Champagne, France, and all other bubbly falls under the umbrella of sparkling wine, though some regions will put their own name to them, like cava for Spain’s best bubbles and crémant for all other French sparklers.


Be sure to serve your bubbly well-chilled — it will taste great, concentrate the bubbles, keep the cork from catapulting, and prevent the dreaded froth-filled overflow. Click here to find 10 champagne and sparkling wine picks, as well as food pairings for them all. We can toast to the New Year with that!