5 Tastes of Portland, Oregon

This city has one of the country’s most creative food and beverage scenes

Choose from many restaurants and dishes in Portland, from wings to beef cheek bourguignon.

As part of the Pacific Northwest, Portland, Ore., is known for having beautiful scenery, as well as a lot of hipsters, bike lovers, and men with mustaches or beards. While Portland might embrace its stereotypes rather well, it also makes some of the most interesting and innovative food and beverages in the country.

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If you’re visiting Portland, get ready to eat. With options ranging from some of the greatest sandwiches and cuts at butcher shop/restaurant Laurelhurst Market to trendy spots such as Pok Pok to exotic Middle Eastern brunches, Portlanders are both a hungry and wonderfully unconventional bunch.

You could easily spend months eating your way throughout this city. Most of us (unfortunately) don’t have months to just spend eating, however. For your next trip to Portland then, we rounded up five bites that we believe you’ll be more than satisfied to have tried during your visit. If you follow this guide, you’ll be eating well in Portland, and your taste buds will thank you.


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