5 of Our Favorite Fall Food Recipes

Fall is here and we are basking in the glory of truly wonderful fall recipes
Fall Food Recipes
Mississippi Kitchen

Fall Food Recipes

It is no secret: we love fall. Crisp air, beautiful scenery, and a tantalizing array of fun fall activities await us. Who wouldn’t be excited for this colorful season? There’s the gorgeous fall landscape for our outdoor dinner parties, hot and cold apple ciderpumpkin-flavored everything, proper fall seafood bakes All of that and more makes it a magical season. But our favorite part of fall, hands-down, has to be the recipes.

The lovely folks at the Culinary Content Network are just as excited as we are. They are warming up their slow cookers and are looking to the fall harvest to create some delicious seasonal recipes that will truly make you appreciate fall. We pulled together some of their incredible recipes to share with you all so you can have a tasty season too!

Mississippi Kitchen’s Caramel Pumpkin Italian Cream Cake

This spiced, sweet cake is a testament to everything we adore about the fall. Its creamy caramel filling and cream-cheese frosting is something no fall house-guest can resist. Plus, topped with pecans and mixed nuts, it is super pretty, too!

Fall Food Recipes

Crock-Pot Ladies’ Crock-Pot Apple Pie Caramel Dip

This four-ingredient recipe is an incredibly sweet dip for any fall party. You and your guests will love the simplicity of this appetizer that pairs perfectly with cinnamon apple chips.

Fall Food Recipes

Kitchen Living with Coryanne’s Baked Raspberry Oatmeal Crisp

Bake the berries right on top of the rolled oats and your kitchen will smell like fall in no time. This is a great pre-pumpkin-patch breakfast or an easy way to start any day deliciously.

Fall Food Recipes

Crock-Pot Ladies Apple Pie Moonshine

Kick a fall celebration into deliciously high gear with this boozy, warm fall drink.

Fall Food Recipes

Lexi’s Clean Kitchen Paleo Zesty Chicken Bites

To quote Lexi herself: “Perfectly crispy. Your friends won’t even know they are healthy and gluten/grain-free!”

Fall Food Recipes
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