5 Oscar-Worthy Cocktails Slideshow

Wink's Bathtub Gin

This twist on the classic cocktail, says Jenn Marshall, head of the beverage program at Brooklyn, N.Y.'s movie-dining experience Nitehawk Cinema, was inspired by the Oscar-nominated film, Beasts of the Southern Wild. Thanks to their "bathtub" living area, this Bathtub Gin is one cocktail you'll want over and over again. Click here for the recipe for Wink's Bathtub Gin.

Candyland Cocktail

Despite the name, the Candyland cocktail isn't so sugary sweet and naive — it's actually inspired by this year's Oscar-nominated film, Django Unchained. Said Jen Marshall, who made the cocktail for Nitehawk Cinema, the drink is named after Leonardo DiCaprio's character's plantation in the film. "It's a a good, classic Southern drink," she says. Click here for the recipe for the Candyland cocktail. 

Secrets Cocktail

What else would you call this drink, inspired by The Master? (No spoilers intended, or anything.) Click here for the recipe for the Secrets cocktail. 

The Hullabaloo Daiquiri

A cocktail fit for fans of Moonrise Kingdom, click here for the recipe for the Hullabaloo Daiquiri.

The Surrogate Cocktail

The name should be make it pretty obvious that this Oscar-worthy cocktail was inspired by the movie The Sessions. Click here for the recipe for the Surrogate cocktail.