5 Great Outdoor Summer Activities (and Snacks to Pack)

What to pack to keep hunger at bay when enjoying the outdoors with friends this summer
Family cycling

Family cycling

When the weather gets warm, there is no better way to spend an afternoon than by doing something outdoors with friends or family. But all that activity is sure to leave you hungry, and whether you're tossing a Frisbee or going for a hike in the woods, a candy bar or bag of chips won't suffice.

Before you rally your friends or family and pack up the car for your next outing, be sure to read our ideas below for what to pack to make this year’s adventure better than ever. Looking for ideas? A weekend bike ride can be fun for the whole family (and if little Charlie can't keep up, look into renting or buying one of these). Looking to do something outside with your friends instead of the weekly happy hour? Try Frisbee in the park!

What’s your favorite summer activity to do with friends and what snacks do you pack?


Bike Ride

Whether you’re renting a bike for the day or are a seasoned cyclist, there is no better way to explore town on a hot day than with a set of wheels. Headed for a casual tour of town? Affix this fun basket to the front of your bike so you can pack a couple of sandwiches and Nutella bars for a picnic lunch. If you’re heading out on a more serious ride, get one of these handy under seat trunk bags to stash some fruit and nut-studded energy bars for a mid-ride pit stop. And since it's hot out there, be sure to fill your water bottle with water!


Group Hike

Getting together with friends and looking for something active to do that doesn’t require specialty equipment or the ability to whack a golf or tennis ball? Lace up your sneakers or hiking boots and hit the trails. If you live near a metropolitan area in the US, LocalHikes.com offers a variety of route ideas for every ability. Once you've chosen your trailhead, supplement the water by making a big batch of trail mix to enjoy at the top. Try this fruity mix or create your own; we like to combine dried cherries, M&Ms, salted mixed nuts, and pretzel nuggets. And if you’re bringing along Fido, check out where you can find a dog-friendly route here, then be sure to pack one of these collapsible bowls for him to drink from, too.