4 Easy Mocktails for Summer Entertaining

Sophisticated non-alcoholic drinks for any party

Making watermelon fizz

Everyone knows a refreshing drink is an essential part of a good party. We’ve talked about our favorite summer sippers for those who choose to imbibe, but whether you’re cutting back on the booze, hosting a pool party for the kids, or having over a couple of families for a backyard cook-out cum reunion, a colorful mocktail is a must.

These sweet yet sophisticated drinks embody the California lifestyle. They’re healthy, bright, flavorful, and refreshing. Oh, and easy to make! Serve the Kale Lemonade to your girlfriends on a Saturday afternoon and the Watermelon Fizz as a non-alcoholic signature drink at your next BBQ. Ginger-Ade is great to serve with an Asian-flavored meal, or alone after a game of Frisbee. Need to get your kids to drink more water in the summer heat? Dressing water up with fruit and herbs will make rehydrating fun.


Kale Lemonade

A lemony, slightly sweet drink that is also good for you.


Watermelon Fizz

A cool and refreshing way to end a summer day.



Fresh Fruit Water

Just like you'd find at the spa, but in your own kitchen.



A refreshing drink that soothes the stomach, thanks to the addition of ginger.