3 Easy White Pizza Recipes

Ditch the heavy marinara sauce for a refreshing slice of white cheese pie
Easy White Pizza

Let the cheese be the star of the pizza for a change.

Whether you are enjoying homemade pizza for an easy weeknight meal or hosting a huge pizza party, pizza is always a welcomed treat. However, we tend to give a lot of love to the margarita and tomato pies, often forgetting the deliciously glorious potential white pizza can have.

Without the pesky sauce getting in the way, you can savor all of the spices and toppings pizza can offer. There are tons of ways to enjoy this pizza delicacy from dessert delectables to savory options. Get inspired here:

Beautiful Berry Brie Pizza

If you are looking for a sweeter pizza with a little bite, try making this delicious dessert pizza.

Four Onion Goat Cheese Pizza

For this recipe, I wanted to celebrate the many shades of onions. By combining these four different varieties with a generous serving of fresh goat cheese, one could not dream up a more agreeable smattering of toppings. 

Warning: this recipe will make you cry.

-Tim McGeever, Special Contributo

Garlicky Artichoke Pizza

This pizza is simple and delicious. Resist the urge to put more veggies on it. Let the artichoke shine! OK, and the garlic I guess.


-Jane Bruce, Photo Editor