25 Best Videos of 2012

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We take a look back at some of The Daily Meal's best videos
The Daily Meal's Best Videos of the Year

We decide which 10 videos were our absolute favorites

2012's Best Videos
Ali Rosen

2012's Best Videos

The end of the year is full of "best of" lists, but it’s a tough task to take on: We created almost 500 original videos at The Daily Meal this year, and so narrowing it down to just 25 was an exercise in concision! But we think we’ve come up with a sampling that highlights some of our favorite interviews and topics from the past year. We hope you’ve enjoyed them as well!


25. Barbecue Series: We spoke to some of the best in the BBQ business about various topics including regional differences and marinades.

24. Wolfgang Puck on Obama’s Fundraiser and Spago: We got the legend on the record about some interesting presidential habits.

23. Gail Simmons on 'Talking with My Mouth Full': We loved the book but we especially loved spending time with the delightful Top Chef judge in the skybox at Daniel.

22. The Dirt Candy Cookbook: One of the most original books of the year, and a video with a lot of fun insight.

21. How to Make Pasta Dough: No one makes it better than Frank Prisinzano, and we got him to share his secrets.

20. A Historic New Orleans Cocktail Tour: We drank across New Orleans to find the best historical spots. What could be better?

19. How to Eat Thai Food: We got the man himself, Andy Ricker, to teach us a thing or two.

18. Tips for Buying Farmers' Market Produce: Missy Robbins showed us around the market on a beautiful summer day.

17. American Tea: We took a look inside the only tea producer in the U.S. to see how they operate.

16. Oreos Across the World: On the cookie’s 100th birthday we were able to check out unique flavors sold outside the U.S.

15. Heirloom Grains: We went straight to the source and spoke to Anson Mills’ Glen Roberts about unique heirloom grains.

14. A Tour of South African Wine Country: What is better than touring vineyards in one of the world’s most beautiful countries?

13. Shaquille O’Neal on His Diet and 'Shaq ‘n Cheese': We got to interview Shaq. Enough said.

12. Inside an Aviary Cocktail: In a bar with no actual physical bar, we were able to go behind the curtain and see how Grant Achatz’s cocktail mecca makes some of its best.

11. The French Laundry Culinary Garden: We got to explore legendary garden where Thomas Keller’s team is growing unique flavorful produce to enhance the incredible cuisine.

10. Nomad Preview: Daniel Humm and Will Guidara took us behind the scenes months before their buzzy restaurant opened.

9. A Local's Parisian Walking Tour: One of our favorite bloggers took us across Paris.

8. Marcus Samuelsson on 'Yes Chef': It was a fantastically honest memoir and the chef was equally engaging in person.

7. Raising Cows for Beef: We got to take a look at Certified Angus Beef’s headquarters to see how cows are really raised for beef.

6. How to Twirl Pizza Dough: It just never gets old watching someone masterfully spin pizza dough.

5. Drink Slaps: Our associate editor, Jessica Chou, put together the kind of supercut that you will watch over and over again with pure glee.

4. A Tour of the Beefeater Distillery: Master Distiller Desmond Payne took us inside London’s Beefeater factory to see how gin is made.

3. James Beard Awards: We worked the red carpet and spoke to the winners, but the highlight here was live-tweeting video so we got reactions on-camera before any other outlet.

2. How Foie Gras Is Made: We took a look inside Hudson Valley farms to really show people how the controversial dish actually comes to be.

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