VIDEO: Marcus Samuelsson Discusses 'Yes Chef'

The Daily Meal ventures to Red Rooster to talk about Samuelsson's recently published memoir
Marcus Samuelsson on 'Yes, Chef' Part 1
Marcus Samuelsson
Jane Bruce

Jane Bruce

The Daily Meal's video producer, Ali Rosen, sat down with chef Marcus Samuelsson at his restaurant Red Rooster Harlem to discuss his recently published memoir, Yes, Chef

The book chronicles Samuelsson's career to date, including an honest depiction of the chef's successes and failures. "I just felt like if you're going do a memoir, it doesn't work if it's a victory lap, it doesn't work if it's just a one-sided story..." he says. "It's really about my journey coming from Ethiopia, being raised in Sweden, working in Europe, and coming to America."

Yes, Chef is divided into three sections; boy, chef, and man — the first segment explores Samuelsson's upbringing, the second discusses his love for the craft of cooking, and the third looks at the challenges he's had to overcome and how he's dealt with them. 

Check out the first installment of the interview above and watch the second installment here