2011 New York City Wine & Food Festival

The Daily Meal team is on the scene to cover tastings, Champagne guzzling, and party-hopping
The Daily Meal team is on the scene to cover grand tastings, Champagne guzzling, and party-hopping
Arthur Bovino

The Daily Meal team is on the scene to cover grand tastings, Champagne guzzling, and party-hopping

The New York City Wine & Food Festival kicks off, and The Daily Meal's editorial team is on the scene to cover the events. Check in here for regular updates on Fried food, Meatball Madness, and culinary comings and goings throughout the weekend from The Daily Meal editors and contributors: Arthur Bovino, Molly Aronica, Jessica Chou, Terri Ciccone, Jeanette Awai, and the GutterGourmet. Click here for coverage of individual events.



6:18 p.m. Here we go folks. Time to test those plate, notebook, and booze juggling skills. First up, Meatball Madness. — Arthur

11:59 p.m. As the festival gets under way, Twitter feeds of famous chefs and those who love them are going exploding, and attendees are taking it upon themselves to document every emotion and detail of the events. In case you don't have time to sift through all the tweets about who "had a ball” at #meatballmadness (including all the tongue-in-cheek-tweets you'd expect about meaty balls) we'll be sifting through the overexcitement-born twitter chatter to feature the most informative and amusing #nycwff tweets during the events. Here are a few. — Terri



The scene at Chelsea Market After Dark.

12:37 a.m. Perhaps attendees were feeling more comatose than usual following this year's Meatball Madness competition, because the crowd at Chelsea Market After Dark appeared uncharacteristically tame. Over in the Macy's Lounge, Emeril Lagasse, the host of the event, made his debut appearance at the NYCWFF and signed books for devoted fans. More than 30 of the market's shops extended their hours for the late night party to serve guests tasting-sized portions of their signature dishes (think small cups of chowder from spots like The Lobster Place and Hale & Hearty Soups.) One of the best bites was the homemade ndjua being served by Dickson's, who said that they were going to start selling it in Chelsea Market. As far as the libations went, purveyors ranging from Palm ale to Svedka vodka doled out specialty drinks for the masses. Seems like a letdown from prior years. Everyone, it seems had tickets for Anne Burrell's Rock and Bowl. Food Network may want to look into the it's-not-a-party-unless-Anne-is-there issue. — Molly


Alton Brown takes a break from tweeting (photo courtesy Bob Gohn).

1:15 p.m. The Next Iron Chef Experience kicked off in Chelsea’s Pedestrian Plaza between 9th Avenue and W13th to an intimate crowd of Food Network stars and Time Warner Cable executives. The early morning emcee was none other than Alton Brown who gave the press the inside scoop on the upcoming season premiering Sunday October 30th at 9 p.m. “What’s different about this season is that it’s more difficult," Brown said. "Each and every episode will feature a chairman’s challenge in which all of the contestants will cook outside of the kitchen, then fight to sudden death.” May the best chef win. Click here for the slideshow. — Jeanette