20 Sports-Crazy Restaurants

Americans sure love sports. Seen the commercial where the guy walks through his house, pausing the high-tech TV in every room so as not to miss a single play? That meticulous dedication to every pass, shot, and hit has been applied to creating sports-themed restaurants across the U.S.

Many restaurants, like Mickey Mantle's, Seau's, Harry Caray's, and Ozzies' were obviously started by sports icons and personalities. But this isn't a list of the best restaurants owned by athletes. Rather, it's a look at eateries that have taken on all facets of sports or athletic endeavors.

High-definition televisions, projection screens, memorabilia, the ubiquitous spinach and artichoke dip, these are cornerstones of sports-themed eateries. But these 20 sports-crazy restaurants take things to the next level with interactive games, free shuttles to games, hockey sticks hanging overhead like Swords of Damocles, eating challenges — even a golf ball busting through a restaurant facade.

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