20 DIY Projects To Make With Your Kids

Your kids will be entertained for hours with these fun crafts

These projects can be fun for parents too!

With school ending soon, every parent is prepare for a summer home with the kids. And as much as you love them. there are two words every dreads hearing all summer long: “I’m bored.” These two simple words could result in potential hours of groaning, pouting, and sulking, something no busy parent wants to deal with. You don’t have to haul the kids to the movies or plan an expensive day trip just to keep them entertained. All you need is a little imagination and a lot of glue, DIY ideas are here to save the day!

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Whether you are so crafty you could open up an Etsy shop or so artistically challenge drawing a stick figure seems like a feat, there are DIY projects that anyone can do. The best part about these ideas? Not only will the kids have fun making them, they’ll have a blast playing with them for hours.

The best part about these crafts is that you likely already have a ton of the supplies in your own kitchen already. From paper plates to old soda bottles all of these ordinary items can be transformed into hours of creative play! Teach the kids a little bit about nature by making a cereal bird feeder with them. Share with them the joys of make-believe by donning your freshly made paper plate animal mask. Bring them into the world of the arts by helping them make popsicle stick puppets that they can later use to put on a mini play.

With three months of the little ones home all summer ahead, we pulled together 20 useful (and fun) crafts that you can make with your kids to keep them entertained and engaged. Never hear the words “I’m bored” again.

Baked Crayons

Boring one color crayons making your kids stir crazy? Go through their art-box and gather all of the broken pieces to create cool tie-dye crayons they’ll be excited to make and play with. Simply break up multicolor crayons in an old cupcake sheet and bake for really unique art supplies!

Paper Plate Animal Masks

All you need to create these masks is a stack of paper plates, a pair of scissors, and some craft paint. Set out palettes of paint so that your kids can create their own designs or paint their favorite animals. After a couple of hours of drying, the plates will be ready for playtime. Click here for detailed instructions.


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