18 Ways to Amp Up Your Eggs


Eggs. So simple, right? Wrong! Often confined to their traditional scrambled version and served alongside bacon and toast (a delicious meal nonetheless), eggs have so much more to offer beyond basic breakfast standbys. Packed with protein and offering great flavor and texture, eggs can enhance and perfect a meal any time of day.

1. On a Sandwich

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Mayo and mustard haters, have no fear. Top your sandwich with a fried egg, and the silky, runny yolk will ensure your sandwiches are never dry again.

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2. Atop a Starch

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A soft yolk combined with a starch like polenta, risotto or pasta adds a luxurious creaminess that cannot be matched. Sprinkle a little parmesan to finish it off, and you’ve got a perfect bowl of happiness.

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3. Baked in Sauce

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There are so many roads to take here. Shakshuka is a dish of Tunisian origin that offers eggs baked in a piquant sauce of tomatoes, peppers, onions and spices. Throw in some eggplant for a heartier version or go Greek with simply tomato, oregano and feta cheese.

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4. With Mushrooms

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Is there a better combo than bacon and eggs? Yes, it’s mushrooms and eggs. Sauté some mushrooms and top with a poached egg. Cook them together with pasta. Make mushrooms the star ingredient of a frittata. Any way you do it, the earthy mushrooms make a flawless companion to the egg.

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5. Carbonara

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A classic Roman pasta made with lots of Parmesan cheese, pepper and pancetta, the heat of the pasta cooks the addition of egg yolks into a silky sauce that can’t be beat. But if you add cream, every Roman in the world and I will cry in offense.

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6. Baked in Avocado

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Removing the pit in an avocado provides the perfect nest for an egg, and the combination of the egg and avocado is wonderfully satisfying.

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7. In a Quesadilla

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Add a little olé into your morning with this delight. Scrambled eggs and melty cheese are enveloped in a griddled tortilla and topped with any combination of salsa, guacamole, crema or chipotle cream sauce.

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8. On a Pizza

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Forget pepperoni or prosciutto (or, just use it in addition), an egg is a totally under-utilized pizza topping. You might call it a breakfast pizza, but this slice satisfies anytime of day.

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9. Fried Rice

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Eggs add body, texture and flavor to perhaps one of the tastiest, make-at-home, budget meals. Talk about a triple threat.

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10. Spanish Omelette

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Add tortilla española to the list of things the Spanish got right, along with sangria and Antonio Banderas. Layers of sliced potatoes bound by eggs are fried in olive oil for a perfect dish any time of day. Add onions and peppers for extra sweetness, or flake in some smoked salmon for a perfect brunch version.

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11. On Top of a Hash

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Nothing says hearty winter breakfast quite like hash. The combination of vegetables and meat fried up in a skillet is only enhanced by breaking open a runny yolk on top.

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12. Chinese egg drop soup, or Roman Stracciatella

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The Chinese version features white pepper and sesame oil; the Italian one, Parmesan cheese. Either route you take, the silken strands of egg carefully stirred into chicken broth offer the perfect opportunity to include additions of your own, like spinach, or kale if you’re trendy.

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14. Egg Nachos

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Give cheese a run for its money with a new nacho topping. Toss a fried egg on top of the heap and enjoy as a different delicious substance runs down the chips and competes for your attention.

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15. Quiche

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Yep, there’s flaky pie crust involved, so I’m down. Complete with creamy eggs and morsels of bacon, this indulgent classic is sure to complete any brunch.

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16. Frittata

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Hungry? Have a couple leftovers and some eggs in your fridge? Then you’re all set for this easy, satisfying meal. Trying to watch your waistline in anticipation of spring break? Not to worry; frittata doesn’t use cream like quiche does, and an egg-white version bulked up with extra veggies makes for healthy, but tasty meal.

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17. Strata

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This savory bread pudding, bound by the eggs, is the star of any brunch. Try it with goat cheese, prosciutto and basil for a truly perfect combo.

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18. Egg-in-hole grilled cheese

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Eggs lovingly cooked into the middle of crisp, toasty bread and sandwiched around gooey, oozy cheese. This might be the holy grail of hangover foods.

Get the recipe here and watch the video on it here.

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