Burger King Is Getting Spicy With Its Brand New Fiery Menu Additions

With the news of Burger King's upcoming line up of spicy menu items coming soon to restaurants, the burger chain has posed the question of the summer, "Can you handle the heat?" The chain shared with Daily Meal via email that the new Fiery Menu will feature five new menu items, each classified at a different spice level. Burger King is no stranger to a spicy new menu item — we still have red-hot memories of trying Burger King's extra spicy Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries and Whopper last October. But the latest Fiery Menu drop is less spooky season and more summertime spice.

According to Burger King, the menu items range from "mild to wild," experimenting with an additional Fiery spice in everything from fruity soft drinks to mozzarella fries and an extra hot Bacon Whopper. The Fiery Menu will be available at Burger King locations across the nation for a limited time only, starting on July 18.

BK's new Fiery Menu offers items ranging from zesty to extra-hot

Perhaps Burger King took inspiration from the intense heat we're all feeling this summer and channeled it into five new spicy menu items set to drop during peak sunny season. Have you ever taken a sip of your Sprite and thought, "This should be spicier?" With Burger King's new Fiery Menu, you no longer have to wonder. The new Fiery Strawberry & Sprite combines a spiced strawberry puree with the lemon-lime soft drink, giving your cool beverage that extra kick you need this summer — and don't worry, it's only classified "Spice Level 1" on BK's Fiery Menu spice meter. The new Fiery Mozzarella Fries are a step above on the spice meter, featuring an extra zesty Calabrian pepper breading.

Things definitely heat up at "Spice Level 3" with the Fiery Bacon Whopper topped with pepper jack cheese and a Fiery new sauce. Surprisingly, the new Fiery Chicken Fries exceed the Whopper's heat — thanks to the extra dose of Fiery seasoning, they're "Spice Level 4." Lastly, the Fiery Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich is classified as a "Spice Level 5" — and may end up being one of the spiciest fast food items available this summer. While we have yet to test the theory for ourselves, the sandwich is said to feature a triple threat: Fiery glaze, Fiery-seasoned bacon, and creamy Fiery sauce.