McDonald's Has A Tote Full Of Cookies On Its Menu, And We Had No Idea

Chocolate chip cookies can make pretty much any situation better, especially when they're warm and fresh. But who's got time for all that mixing and baking? McDonald's knows what the people want. They've come up with a way to make a pile of hot cookies appear anytime with the quiet addition of its 13 Pack Chocolate Chip Cookie Tote. While we must admit we had no idea the tote was a thing, it's also not quite a McDonald's hack either. Cookie totes are not listed on most drive-thru menus, but they exist on the full McDonald's menu. So if you want fresh cookies and you want 'em fast, all you have to do is ask.

Naturally, social media is all over the cookie tote trend by now, and for less than $10 (depending on where you order) for a baker's dozen, it's not hard to see why everyone's so excited. The only people not so pumped are a few McDonald's workers, who have also taken to the internet to air their grievances.

Cookie totes are more of a good thing

When you think about McDonald's, the first thing to come to mind is probably a burger and fries, not a box of warm chocolate chip cookies. But the burger chain has actually been making cookies for decades. According to the company's archives, McDonaldland cookies appeared on the menu in 1974, and cost only 15 cents.

More recently, the company started making soft-baked chocolate chip cookies to order in 2012 as part of its McCafe menu, but they were only sold as singles or in pairs. It wasn't until later that someone at Golden Arches HQ figured out that more cookies are always better and dreamed up a yellow-and-white tote filled with sweet treats. It took a while for the internet to take notice, however. A couple of TikTokers got in on the fun recently and showed us all how it's done. 


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All you have to do is ask for the tote in person (it's often not included as an option in the app). Then you just need to wait for the staff to bake the cookies for you. It's that simple, and that delicious.

Ask for the cookie tote when the restaurant is slow

McDonald's chocolate chip cookies are flash-baked to order. But if you order the tote, it does take the crew at any given location a few minutes to bake all 13 cookies. Perhaps because they're a little off-menu, not everyone is as excited about the cookie tote as we are — namely, the people who have to make them. One TikToker showed her frustration at getting an order for a cookie tote.


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The problem is, when it's a busy time in the kitchen, the rarely-made totes disrupt the flow. One employee commented, "[It's] just when there's a rush, that two minutes is everything." Another added that the cookie tote was so stressful, it almost made them walk out on the job.

Some commenters claimed to have actually been denied a cookie tote when they tried to order one. Is this true? We can't say, but it might be worth being a little strategic if you've got your heart set on a pile of cookies. Don't order during McDonald's busiest times, like the lunch and dinner rush, and be prepared to wait a few extra minutes. Trust us: It'll be totally worth it when you're driving off in a car filled with the smell of warm cookies.