Rice Paper Fruit Rolls Are The Perfect Way To Elevate Your Summer Picnic

When planning a picnic, stacked sandwiches, all-American macaroni salad, and colorful bowls of fruit salad are at the top of everyone's lists. This last dish is most intriguing, as in-season berries and vibrant melons add extra sweetness to an outdoor meal while keeping everyone hydrated. However, next to changing the usual lineup of fruits, or adding a touch of citrus juice and honey, you can only upgrade fruit salad in so many ways. Luckily, there's a more creative way to enjoy all your favorite fruits this summer.

Rice paper fruit rolls may quickly become your new favorite dish to bring to your next warm weather picnic. Made of rice, water, and salt, rice paper sheets are versatile and easy to use. Up until this point, your exposure to rice paper may have been limited to savory Vietnamese spring rolls, which are also known as summer rolls. However, you can use them in sweeter dishes as well. 

Plus, rice paper sheets aren't as intimidating as they look, and take virtually no time to prepare. You can purchase these hard, circular sheets at Asian supermarkets and in the international food aisles of many popular grocery stores. To make rice paper fruit rolls, all you need are dried rice paper sheets, a shallow bowl of water, and some chopped fruit. With careful preparation, these colorful rolls are easy to make for your next outdoor gathering.

How to make these fruity rice paper rolls

Once you've secured a pack of rice paper sheets, select a variety of colorful in-season summer fruits. If you want varying degrees of texture, pair firm fruits and soft fruits together. In the TikTok video below, one social media influencer uses slices of apple, mango, and strawberries.


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The creative TikTok user cuts apples into longer strips to ensure that the fruit rolls stay intact between bites. Slice berries, kiwi, and softer fruit into smaller, more manageable pieces. When you're ready to assemble rolls, place a sheet of rice paper in a shallow bowl of water for 5 to 10 seconds. Once moistened, add a colorful serving of fruit. For added visual appeal, first add sliced kiwi, berries, and mint leaves. This way, upon serving, you're able to see colorful fruit slices along the backside of prepared rolls.

Before wrapping, top the fruit with a spritz of citrus juice for added flavor. Then, fold the rice paper inward and roll. The rice paper should be sticky enough to adhere to itself. Now that you know how to successfully prepare rice paper fruit rolls, all you need to do is add a few finishing touches before enjoying this unique side dish at your next picnic.

Helpful tips for serving and storing the rolls

You can also pair your new colorful snack with a tasty dipping sauce for extra flavor. Try combining your favorite yogurt, citrus juice, and some honey for a creamy dip. You can also make a heartier option by combining yogurt and peanut butter. For a classic alternative, make a batch of easy chocolate sauce. Once fruit rolls and dipping sauce have been prepared, you're ready to consider storage options.

Make sure not to prepare rice paper fruit rolls too far in advance. For the tastiest results, make fruit rolls the same day you plan to eat them. Assemble rolls in a single layer in a resealable container covered with a damp tea towel. The semi-wet towel prevents rice paper from drying out or changing consistency.

For more than a few hours of storage or picnic-friendly packaging, individually wrap each spring roll in plastic wrap to prevent them from sticking to one another. Rice paper rolls that are individually wrapped may last in an airtight container for up to 48 hours in your refrigerator. Nevertheless, try not to store fruit rolls in cold storage for an extended period, as this degrades their overall quality.