What to Do When Guests Don’t RSVP

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Helpful advice to ensure you get the answer you need, without appearing obnoxious

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This week’s question:

The weather is still warm enough for entertaining in a relaxed, summertime-style. However, I am hosting a more formal dinner party next week and some of my guests have not RSVP'd. How should I handle this?

Mindy: It's perfectly acceptable as the host to pick up the phone and make some calls — in a gracious way of course. Whether the invite was sent by snail mail or by email, there is always a chance that the invite was lost. Calling “to make sure they received it, and to find out if they can make it,” is a gracious gesture that will also guarantee you get an answer.


Coryanne: Sadly, the RSVP is slowly turning into a thing of the past when it comes to entertaining at home. The best way around this is to include a “please respond by” date on your invitation. If this still falls on deaf ears, follow Mindy’s advice and follow up with a phone call and to say you hope they can make it. Most people will immediately apologize for this and be sure to RSVP promptly the next time.  


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