15-Minute Meals for Busy Fall Days Slideshow

Chicken Noodle Omelette

This brilliant combo of noodles, chicken, and egg is the fastest dinner ever — and kid-friendly, too.

Family Kitchen has the recipe!

Baked Eggs in Bread Bowls

Hollow out dinner rolls and crack an egg inside; they'll cook in no time. Fancy them up with grated cheese, chopped fresh herbs, bits of ham or crumbled bacon, or whatever leftovers need using up. They're easy to make, and fun to eat!

Family Kitchen has the recipe!

Apples, Nuts, Cheese, and Greens

The end of summer doesn't mean the end of salad season; assemble a quick, hearty meal in a bowl with fall apples, toasted nuts, and whatever cheese you love or have on hand.

Family Kitchen has the recipe!

Cheesy Quesadillas

Quesadillas are as easy to make as grilled cheese — and can be stuffed with anything from leftover chicken or beef to beans, roasted veggies, or sautéed mushrooms. Use up any extra cheese ends or streamline things with pre-shredded cheese. Perfect for serving on the couch, or on the run!

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Pesto Pasta with Peas and Cherry Tomatoes

This chunky pasta comes together in about as much time as it takes to cook the rotini noodles — toss with bottled pesto, peas, and quartered fresh cherry tomatoes, and dinner's ready!

Family Kitchen has the recipe!

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