13 Food Quotes Worth Tweeting Slideshow

Dance Parties

Are the best kinds of parties — now we need a spatula as a pretend microphone and we’re in business. 

Wise Words by Kate Spade

An ode to city girls.


There’s magic in the salt water.

A Pinch, A Dash

Whatever amount you want — add a little spice to everything.

They Really Are...

the best kinds of people—people that live to eat, not eat to live.

Gin is Life

Eat a Slice of This

There is never a party without a cake.

Put That in a Cone

Ice Cream = Love.

Quite a Bit of Caffeine

We wonder how many cups that is?


Ask any Italian man and they’ll agree, especially if it came from their mother. 

Learning is Power

Julia Child is the only person we'd allow to make this list twice.

Keep it Moving, Vegetables

Or it's just the only reason that matters.

What a Great Idea

Life is way, way too short.