Sam's Club Is Rolling Out Its Own Spiked Seltzer In Time For Memorial Day

With Memorial Day gatherings on the horizon, it's time to stock the cooler with a variety of beverage options. Given that Sam's Club puts value front and center, the Member's Mark spiked seltzer is the refreshing option that does not break the bank. The brand's private label alcoholic beverage could be the seasonable sipper that gets rave reviews from everyone this summer.

Available in a 24-pack, the Member's Mark Spiked Seltzer features three flavors: cucumber/lime, raspberry/hibiscus, and passion fruit/key lime. Each 12-ounce can contains one gram of carbs and 100 calories. According to the company, the Member's Mark Spiked Seltzer's recipe has received a gold medal in the MicroLiquor Spirit Awards, as well as recognition from Fizz Fight and Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine. One reviewer on the Sam's Club website said that the seltzers are the perfect summer beverages because their flavor is light and refreshing.

The flavor pairings build on the zesty, effervescent concept. By focusing on a clean, easy finish, the alcoholic beverage can feel less seltzer-forward. While the brand reports that 80% of respondents prefer this can over competitors, fans may want to do their own taste test.

Sam's Club balances flavor and value in its Member's Mark products

As food costs continue to drive spending decisions, private-label brands, including Sam's Club's Member's Mark, have grown in appeal. Over the years, the stigma for the generic offering has been replaced with quality products with high value. And Sam's Club appreciates that its members want more with every purchase.

With the Member's Mark Spiked Seltzer, the flavors stand out amid a sea of sameness. Although Michelob Ultra has a cucumber/lime flavor, Truly only has a passionfruit, not a passionfruit/key lime. While the potential uniqueness of the passionfruit/key lime and raspberry/hibiscus might draw some purchases, the cost could be a deciding factor, too. If the Member's Mark 24-pack is more cost-effective than a case of Truly, some people might make the switch. (Whether or not they purchase it again is a different story.)

Private-label brands are having a moment. With more consumers trusting these offerings, they may be willing to add that 24-pack of hard seltzer to the cart. After all, no one wants to put their hand in the cooler and come up empty.