Tastykake Chocolate Kandy Kakes Have Been Recalled Over Undeclared Peanuts

Tastykake Chocolate Kandy Kakes that were sold in six states are being recalled due to mislabeled packaging regarding peanuts, as announced through the F.D.A. Buyers in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia who have a peanut allergy should immediately discard the products, or they can bring them back to the store where they bought them and get their money repaid. The brand's parent company, Flowers Foods, Inc., found that certain packages actually contain Tastykake Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes when the exterior label says they're the predominantly chocolate-flavored variety. The outer wrapper therefore does not properly note that the items may contain peanuts.

According to the F.D.A.'s announcement, Flowers Foods, Inc. says that no allergic reactions or other adverse effects have been reported. However, those with peanut allergies could expose themselves to a potentially dangerous reaction if they accidentally consume any Tastykake products that unknowingly feature peanuts. For identification purposes, the products' UPC code is "0 25600 00225 4," and any items involved have an "Enjoy By" date of June 5, 2023.

Tastykake has recalled other products in the past

The U.S. government requires that foods containing any of the nine "major allergens," as declared by the F.D.A., must always be labeled as such. In this case, the Tastykake Chocolate Kandy Kakes improperly lacked a listing for one of the most common food allergies. As of the recall's announcement, the Chocolate Kandy Kakes were the only product affected; no additional Tastykake items appear to be wrongfully labeled, so there shouldn't be a need to discard any of the brand's other foods.

However, this isn't the first time Tastykake products have been the subject of a recall. Back in 2021, Flowers Foods, Inc. issued a recall due to the possibility of metal fragments in some of its Tastykake cupcakes. Once again, those same six states were affected by the recall, along with New York State and Washington, D.C. And during 2022, the company recalled Tastykake and Mrs. Freshley's glazed pies for allergens due to a lack of labels regarding soy.