St. Patrick's Day 2023: Where To Find The Luckiest Food Freebies And Deals

It may not be the biggest holiday in the world, but for those who find pride in their Irish heritage, St. Patrick's Day can be an affirming, raucous celebration. Though the holiday's origins have nothing to do with drinking, March 17 has become synonymous with having a few pints of dyed beer or sipping on a deliciously green cocktail. In fact, St. Patrick's Day is the fourth-biggest drinking day in the United States.

To sop up any refreshments you may have enjoyed on St. Patrick's Day, you're going to need something substantial to eat. To fill a particularly spirit-saturated stomach, you could turn your attention to this nation's fast-food franchises. 

While bars and restaurants across the country will undoubtedly serve their inebriated clientele heaping plates of corned beef and cabbage (which isn't actually Irish, weirdly enough), a number of different chains will be celebrating the holiday by offering limited-time deals.

Get lucky with St. Patrick's Day deals

Given the copious cups of cheer being doled out on St. Patrick's Day, the idea of pulling up to the nearest restaurant probably isn't in the front of your mind. Nevertheless, if you're in a condition to get behind the wheel, there's a world of deals that are ripe for the taking.

If you want to have a sit-down meal but are reluctant to leave your local watering hole, Applebee's has a pair of holiday drinks that could allow you to keep the party going. The "Saintly Sips" menu consists of the Tipsy Leprechaun, a multicolored mixture of Jameson and several fruity fillers, and the Pot O' Gold Colada, a Captain Morgan and mango cocktail. Each of these seasonal specialties will run you $6. 

Not to be outdone, Chili's brought back a St. Patrick's Day drink as well. The franchise's secret margarita of the month is the Lucky Jameson, a cocktail that swaps tequila for Irish whiskey and also costs $6.

St. Patrick's Day food deals and seasonal desserts

If you're in the Big Apple, you can start your St. Patrick's Day festivities at Bagel Boss, where you'll be able to munch on bagels, cream cheese, and black and white cookies dyed green in celebration. Those not in NYC may have White Castle restaurants, where sliders are buy two, get two free on St. Patrick's Day.

After drinking bitter green beer all day, you might want something sweet. Fortunately, a few fast-food franchises have options for you. In late February, the McDonald's Shamrock Shake returned. The seasonal, mint-flavored green offering has long been associated with St. Patrick's Day. Additionally, McDonald's is once again selling the Oreo Shamrock McFlurry, a take of the franchise's classic cookie and ice cream concoction with a minty twist. Dairy Queen has also introduced new St. Paddy's-themed treats for the month of March: the Mint Brownie Blizzard and the Under the Rainbow Shake. 

If the weather is a bit on the chilly side and ice cream isn't appropriate, Krispy Kreme is bringing back a fan-favorite St. Patrick's Day promotion: the seasonally colored O'riginal Glazed Donuts, available on March 16 and 17. If you wear green to the chain on either day, you'll get a free glazed donut. Finally, a day of green beer and donuts may not be for everyone. For a healthier drink, you could head to Jamba Juice, where you can get buy one get one half off green smoothies on March 17.