The 12 Dishes of Christmas

Stuffed Carolina Quail by chef Vincent Pouessel

This recipe screams decadence, with a black truffle and foie gras stuffing. It doesn’t stop there, though. After being stuffed, each quail is wrapped in slices of bacon so that it’s flavorful and dynamic on the outside just as it is on the inside. 

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Spiced Pork Loin by chef Adam Bordonaro

This loin of pork gets two doses of flavor — the first during the overnight brine, and the second the rub it’s seared and roasted in. Only a few simple steps result in an incredibly delicious and flavorful pork loin that’s great for large crowds and will easily become the star of your holiday meal.

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Slow Poached Scottish Salmon by chef Seakyeong Kim

Chef Kim creates a depth of flavor with his Scottish salmon by poaching it in a celery, lemongrass, and white wine liquid that’s been infused with lemon and lime peels. It’s sprinkled with an herb-bacon crust to give a fresh and crunchy finish.

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Oven Roasted Rack of Pork by chef Anne Callaghan

The rack of pork in this recipe is roasted simply with garlic and thyme, and is paired with an eggplant tian that is a healthier — but just as delicious — version of the traditional scalloped potatoes.

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Pancetta-Crusted Swordfish by chef Charlie Palmer

Often paired with relishes like ones made with olives or capers, it’s obvious that swordfish goes perfectly with salt, and Palmer is not shy about this. For his holiday swordfish, he sautés pancetta-wrapped swordfish and pairs it with fennel purée and a fennel, endive, and grapefruit salad for a salty-sweet flavor combination. 

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Seared Halibut by chef Michael Sindoni

The halibut in this dish stands up on its own, with just a tad of butter added to the end. It lets its counterparts do most of the work, with the crispy Brussels sprouts providing texture and the citrusy yuzu beurre blanc adding a burst of fresh flavor. 

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Maine Lobster-Stuffed Filet Mignon by chef Dave Holman

Filet is a very common centerpiece for many holiday tables, but this recipe takes it to a whole new level, stuffing it with fresh spinach leaves and whole lobster tails for an elegant spin on the beef dish.  

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Double Cut Dry-Aged Bone-In Rib-Eye by chef Stephen Blandino

There’s nothing more elegant than a rib-eye, and this straightforward dish uses simple aromatics to season the steak, and pairs it with creamy potatoes and crispy Brussels sprouts. 

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Maple Glazed Sonoma Duck by chef Dustin Valette

Chef Valette represents his Sonoma, Calif., home with this elegant duck dish, glazed in a maple syrup and champagne vinegar reduction so that it’s sweet and savory.

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Roast Rib of Beef by chef Marcus Gleadow-Ware


This recipe is minimal, relying on the qualities of the meat to cook it perfectly. The ribs of the beef are great conductors of heat and the layer of fat not only serves as an additional component of flavor, but helps to baste the beef as well. Because of the many flavorful aspects of the beef alone in this recipe, very few additional ingredients are required to make it a standout dish.

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Beef Wellington by chef Jeffrey Russell

If you can’t stay away from beef on Christmas Day, put a spin on it like with this beef Wellington created by Jeffrey Russell of Charlie Palmer Steak in Washington, D.C. The beef is perfectly cooked and basted with shallots, thymes, and garlic, and topped with crispy phyllo dough to make it extra indulgent — perfect for a holiday meal. 

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Persimmon Upside-Down Cake by chef Ashley Weaver

The cake batter in this recipe has meringue in it that gives it that extra light and fluffy texture. Poured on top of crunchy tangerine-flavored caramel and fresh slices of persimmon, it’s the perfect combination of texture, freshness, and sweet.

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