This Year's World Nutella Day Will See The Debut Of Some Brand New Treats

It's never the wrong time to have a sweet treat. Tickling your taste buds with a quick hit of sugar is one of the simplest ways to add a little moment of excitement to the day — there's no need to feel guilty about eating pleasurable foods. However, there are certain times during which enjoying cookies and candy are absolutely essential.

For example, on National M&Ms Day, which falls on October 13, it's imperative that you toss back a few handfuls of the candy-coated chocolate sphere, via National Today. March 6, also known as World Oreo Day, is the perfect time to buy a pack of cookies and dunk them in an ice-cold glass of milk. World Nutella Day falls on February 5. This year, the makers of the popular hazelnut spread are taking advantage of the holiday, and giving consumers a few new Nutella treats that look absolutely incredible.

Two new Nutella snacks for American hazelnut lovers

According to a Nutella press release, to celebrate 2023's World Nutella Day, the confectioners at Ferrero decided to introduce American consumers to a pair of products that are already enjoyed internationally. Soon, you'll be able to enjoy the delicious hazelnut taste of Nutella by way of two new receptacles, Nutella B-Ready, and Nutella Biscuits. These two treats are the only new products featuring the spread that has come to the U.S. since the 2012 introduction of the portable dipping snack Nutella &Go!, per the press release.

A Nutella B-Ready bar is made from a hollowed-out wafer cookie, which is filled with Nutella and bits of crispy wheat. MassLive explains that in 2017, Ferrero introduced the B-Ready bar to several New England Big Y stores. However, the snack never got a mass release in the U.S. — until now. Nutella Biscuits are a sandwich made out of hazelnut spread and two shortbread cookies, featuring a heart-shaped stamp on its top. Though cookies and chocolate may seem like an intuitive pairing, Ferrero spent around $133 million developing the Nutella Biscuit over the course of 10 years, per The New York Times.