Where Is Wondry From Shark Tank Today?

Over the past few years, you've probably enjoyed a drink or two. When the world experienced lockdowns, many folks found themselves enjoying a few extra adult beverages to help pass the time. In fact, USA TODAY cited a study carried out by The Harris Poll that reported Americans were drinking alcohol a considerable amount more during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Those newfound drinking habits of the average American inspired some investors to join upstart alcohol companies. On the hit series "Shark Tank," several different booze-centric businesses have secured investments. Guzzle Buddy, a nifty tool that allows consumers to secure a large glass to the top of their alcoholic beverage bottle of choice and chug to their heart's content, earned themselves a $400,000 investment. Fizzics, a company that created a product capable of making bottled beer taste like a freshly poured draft, negotiated a joint investment of $2 million from Robert Herjavec and Lori Greiner. And another alcohol brand, Wondry Wine, found success on "Shark Tank."

Wondry Wine tickles Mark Cuban's sweet tooth

Founders Whitney and Chaz Gates, husband and wife, explained to the sharks that Wondry Wines are fruit-forward dessert drinks featuring bold flavors which can be overlooked by the oftentimes exclusive wine industry (per Joe Pardo). They asked for a $185,000 investment in their already award-winning wines, which would come with an 8% share of the company.

Wondry Wine didn't exactly inspire a feeding frenzy during its appearance on the show. One by one, the sharks opted against investing in the company, citing a number of different reasons. However, the very last shark to share an opinion about the product, Mark Cuban, who early in the segment had bonded with the couple over the fact they also live in Dallas, offered them $200,000, though he wanted 15% equity. The Gates' countered with $250,000 for the same share, and a deal was eventually struck at $225,000.

The success of Wondry Wine

AfroTech interviewed Chaz Gates after he and his wife brought their company to "Shark Tank," and Chaz revealed that investing in Wondry Wine wasn't only appealing to billionaire Mark Cuban. The company also secured a partnership with Southern Glazer's, which is the world's biggest alcohol distributor. Gates notes that the partnership could allow Wondry Wine to expand into fresh markets and reach an entirely new crop of consumers. The article further notes that the Gates are among only less than 1% of Black winemakers, making the deal with Southern Glazer's that much sweeter. Chaz states, "This milestone will make our dream to shatter glass ceilings by filling glass bottles a true reality and hopefully enable us the opportunity to open doors for those behind us."

Inspired by the Gates' time on the hit reality series, the official Wondry Wine website features a "Shark Tank" Collection, which is made up of three wines that were featured on the show. The collection, which will currently run you $65, a slight discount from the usual $70 price tag, consists of Sangria Especial, the company's best-selling bottle, a fruity, light-bodied red wine, the alcohol-infused dairy dessert drink Vanilla Caramel Cream, and Peach in Peace, a white wine infused with peach extract.