Where Is Guzzle Buddy From Shark Tank Today?

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Have you ever been given a judgmental look as you reach for yet another glass of wine at a friends-only get-together? While weekends are typically considered a time for leisure, what letting loose means to one person may look completely different to another. If you don't care what your friends think about your drinking habits and you don't have time to learn the right way to hold a wine glass, then you may need a certain screw-on bottle invention from two Iowa natives who believe in the spirit of indulgence. The Guzzle Buddy was invented by a young woman and her brother-in-law after viewing a similar product on the popular TBS show, "Cougar Town" (per YouTube).

According to the Des Moines Register, Jennifer Brick-Sullivan and Randy Rothfus had always been wine lovers, yet became inspired to make their own version of the comical screw-on wine glass in 2016. After posting about their new product on Twitter during the presidential debate in 2016, their wine glass went viral across social media and even gained an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" (per Facebook). Davison describes how the Guzzle Buddy is made from silicone and borosilicate glass and most importantly, fits into most standard-sized wine bottles. While the Guzzle Buddy seemed to be making headway among wine lovers around the globe without the help of successful investors, Sullivan and Rothfus headed to "Shark Tank" hoping to score a deal.

What did the Sharks think of the Guzzle Buddy?

Jennifer Brick-Sullivan and Randy Rothfus were determined to prove the Guzzle Buddy not only had the potential to be taken seriously by a significant number of wine drinkers: The unique product also fell into the category of adult-friendly party favors worth a second thought from big-time investors. While the show was most likely filmed during 2017, Guzzle Buddy made its debut on "Shark Tank" in Season 9 Episode 18 in 2018 (via IMDb).

According to Shark Tank Recap, the two family members turned entrepreneurs were seeking $400,000 for 10% of their business. The Des Moines Register claims in 2017 alone, the Guzzle Buddy accumulated $1.4 million dollars over the course of 10 months which made this alcohol-focused product a serious potential investment for a few of the "Shark Tank" judges. Based on the details outlined by Shark Tank Recap, the ABC investors were happy to hear the Guzzle Buddy cost almost $25 but only took $3 to produce, yet they weren't 100% sold on the investment proposal. While Lori Greiner wanted the company owners to make a more grounded offer, Daymond John spoke up and offered $400,000 for 25% equity, with Rothfus and Brick-Sullivan quickly accepting.

Where is Guzzle Buddy today?

Since airing on "Shark Tank," Jennifer Brick-Sullivan told the Twinning Store, the publicity and media attention the company has gained since its television debut has been tremendous. Not only has the company been acquiring more and more wholesale orders, but the screw-on BPA-free glasses have gained increased traction for other bottled beverages. Sure enough, the Guzzle Buddy is compatible with many soda and beer bottles, making for quite a unique way for kids (and adults) to enjoy a double root beer float (via Twinning Store).

In terms of price, the cost of the original Guzzle Buddy wine glass has gone down in price and now remains steady at $17.99 on the Guzzle Buddy website. The company also offers a colorful range of seven different products including a Guzzle Buddy 2GO and the Float Buddy soda float glass for $12.99. The company remains quite active on social media platforms like Instagram, where Randy Rothfus has taken to posting comical parodies and reels with the Guzzle Buddy in action. The company continues to see positive feedback for its products based on a large number of reviews on Amazon. Whether you're after a funny gift to give your wine-loving friends or you personally need an indulgent product urging you to "plug it and chug it" as the Guzzle Buddy website suggests, this screw-on glass certainly provides a unique way for you to enjoy your nightly glass of wine (or two or three).